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Reflections is SCI's newsletter for teachers of Introductory Physical Science and/or Force Motion and Energy.   Topics range from teaching theory and technique to analysis of teaching effectiveness and textbook evaluation.   


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Back Issues of Reflections

Have you missed previous issues of Reflections? They are available here as PDF file downloads. Clicking on one of the Reflections issues listed below will open a collapsible accordion panel. A listing of the articles in that issue will appear. You can then click the PDF icon to retrieve the file for that issue.

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Reflections #47 - May, 2017

  • Using Assessment to Extend Instruction: Evaporating Water Molecules pdf download
  • Ordering Information

Reflections #46 - March, 2017

  • Review of a “Kit” for IPS Experiment 3.5, The Density of a Solid pdf download

Reflections #45 - January, 2017

  • Review of the “Fair Use” of Textbooks Under the Copyright Law of the United States pdf download

Reflections #44 - May, 2015

  • IPS: The Why and How of Its Beginning pdf download
  • A Look Back at the IPS Feedback Process
  • 2015 Summer Workshop Application

Reflections #43 - March, 2015

  • Using Vernier Temperature Probes to do Distillations in Introductory Physical Science pdf download
  • 2015 Summer Workshop Application

Reflections #42 - October, 2014

  • Reviewing the Alignment of IPS and NGSS pdf download

Reflections #41 - January, 2014

  • Frequently Asked Questions about Introductory Physical Science (IPS) pdf download

Reflections #40 - December, 2013

  • Instructional Practices Called for by NGSS from the Perspective of an IPS or FM&E Teacher pdf download

Reflections #39 - April, 2013

  • NGSS Resources from NSTA pdf download

Reflections #38 - January, 2013

  • Advantages of In-Depth Approach Documented in Study pdf download

Reflections #37 - November, 2012

  • New Science Standards are Coming pdf download

Reflections #36 - October, 2012

  • Newton's Third Law pdf download
  • Dates for the 2013 Summer Workshops
  • IPS for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch

Reflections #35 - April, 2012

  • The Most Important Math for Learning Physical Science, Part III – Understanding Formulas pdf download

Reflections #34 - January, 2012

  • The Most Important Math for Learning Physical Science, Part II – Proportionality pdf download

Reflections #33 - November, 2011

  • The Most Important Math for Learning Physical Science, Part I – Histograms: Identifying Patterns in Data pdf download
  • Dates for the 2012 Summer Workshops

Reflections #32 - May, 2011

  • Using the IPS Assessment Package pdf download

Reflections #31 - November, 2010

  • Inquiry: The Art of Asking Questions pdf download
  • Host Site Needed for 2011 Summer Workshops

Reflections #30 - March, 2010

  • What is Important in a Physical Science Textbook? pdf download
  • The Ninth Edition of IPS is Now in Print!

Reflections #29 - March, 2009

  • Redefining Science Education pdf download
  • An Important Message form SCI Concerning Future Newsletters

Reflections #28 - November, 2008

  • Is It Inquiry-based?pdf download

Reflections #27 - April, 2008

  • “Will Professional Development Improve Achievement? PDF link

Reflections #26 - January, 2008

  • Research Results: Making the Case for IPS and FM&E PDF link

Reflections #25 - September, 2007

  • Formative Assessment: A Brief Overview.PDF link
  • Improving Reading Comprehension with Formative Assessment in 8th Edition IPS.

Reflections #24 - April, 2007

  • Atlantis Academy: Addressing Learning Differences with IPS and FM&E PDF link

Reflections #23 - February, 2007

  • Should Students Write a Hypothesis Before Beginning Each Experiment? PDF link
  • Lead-Time Matters When Preparing for Visually-Impaired Students
  • An Invitation to Teachers of English Language Learners

Reflections #22 - October, 2006

  • The False Dichotomy of Chemical and Physical Changes PDF link

Reflections #21 - February, 2006

  • The Periodic Table Comes to Life in IPS-8 PDF link

Reflections #20 - September, 2005

  • A Supply Tip for Chapter 10 of IPS-8 PDF link


SCI Summer Workshops

This summer SCI will offer three one-week workshops.  Each workshop earns 2.0 semester hours of graduate credit from Colorado School of Mines and will take place on the CSM campus in Golden, Colorado.  Detailed descriptions of each workshop are available.

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IPS 9th Edition

The new 9th Edition of Introductory Physical Science (IPS) continues the IPS tradition of guiding students to knowledge of physical science and the way scientific knowledge is acquired.

Inspect the table of contents and more details on our new edition of IPS.