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Ordering Information:

Ordering Information for Schools & School Districts


The prices cited in our Price List do not include shipping and handling (10% of the merchandise total for standard delivery, with an $10 minimum) and any applicable sales tax.

Placing Your Order

We are sorry, but we are currently unable to accept credit card orders. Orders from schools and bookstores are accepted by purchase order only. Individuals should contact us at for ordering instructions.

To expedite your order, please be sure to include the following information on your PO:

  • the SCI item number for each item (from the Price List);

  • the name of each item (with edition #, if applicable);

  • the quantity of each item being purchased;

  • the unit price for each item (from the Price List).

Your purchase order should also include:

  • shipping costs (10% of merchandise total; $10 minimum);

  • any applicable sales tax;

  • any necessary authorizing signatures.

SCI has agreements with schools and school districts across the country promising that they are charged the absolute lowest price available for our books. (These are the prices that appear in our Price List.) In effect, these agreements preclude sales to anyone or any organization at a price lower than the price we charge schools. Consequently, bookstores do not receive any discounts. So please do not be surprised to find that the bookstore price is higher than our list price for schools. Schools deserve a break and bookstores need to cover expenses!

Copies of the Teacher's Guide and Resource Book (TGRB) and Assessment Package (AP) are sold only to schools. Because the TGRB is not a teacher version of the textbook and is of little use without the textbook, it is sold only to schools ordering at least one textbook. To satisfy security promises made to schools already using the AP, it is sold only to schools ordering a class set of textbooks.

Mail or email purchase orders to:

Science Curriculum Inc.
P.O. Box 18631
Golden, CO 80402


Ordering Information for Individuals

SCI usually sells its products directly to schools, school districts, and bookstores. However, parents, students, and other interested parties who would like to purchase a single copy of either Introductory Physical Science 9th edition, Introductory Physical Science 8th edition, Introductory Physical Science 7th edition, or Force, Motion, and Energy can do so by emailing us (} for ordering instructions.

Information for Home Schoolers

We would like you to be aware that we do not recommend IPS and/or FM&E for use in home schools for the following reasons:

  • There are safety concerns associated with the performance of labs in a non-laboratory setting. As much as we would like to sell books, the safety of students is more important to us.

  • Our curricula depend heavily on laboratory activities that require the compilation and analysis of entire class sets of data in order to reach meaningful conclusions – more data than can be collected in a reasonable amount of time in a homeschool setting. As a result, our programs are less effective in such a setting.

If, after knowing these caveats, our programs are still chosen for use in a home school setting, we highly recommend that the teacher attend one of our training workshops.


PDF of SCI Product Price List

SCI Product Price List


SCI Summer Workshops

This summer SCI will offer three one-week workshops.  Each workshop earns 2.0 semester hours of graduate credit from Colorado School of Mines and will take place on the CSM campus in Golden, Colorado.  Detailed descriptions of each workshop are available.

Available: Now

IPS 9th Edition

The new 9th Edition of Introductory Physical Science (IPS) continues the IPS tradition of guiding students to knowledge of physical science and the way scientific knowledge is acquired.

Inspect the table of contents and more details on our new edition of IPS.