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Although SCI thoroughly edits, pilots, and reviews textbooks before and after printing, sometimes errors are overlooked. We are committed to letting you know about any errors that we discover. Significant errors noted in the post-printing review are corrected in subsequent printings of the book.

Thank you for your understanding. If you find other corrections or have questions, please contact us by email or phone.


Errata Specific to Each Book

Introductory Physical Science - 9th Edition, 1st printing

On page 28,

In the first sentence of Section 2.1, the reference should be to Section 1.5 rather than 1.4.

On page 50,

Problem 12(b) should read “±0.01 g and ±0.1 cm3 ” rather than
±0.1 g and ±0.01 cm3.

On page 62,

The end of Problem 34 should read “without using any details as to the exact temperatures or times.”

On page 63,

The top label in Figure 3.7 is cut off. It should read “to pump.”

On page 106,

The first equation on the page should read:  

On page 165,

The third sentence of Problem 16 should read “In part (a) of Figure 6.2, there was some oxygen left over; in part (b), nearly all the oxygen and hydrogen reacted; and in part (c), some hydrogen was left over.”

On page 174,

The Experiment icon in the header should be in quotes. Also, the first assumption on this page should read "Whenever an atom of a radioactive element decays, it emits one particle, which affects a counter or other detector."

On page 199,

In the caption to Figure 9.19, the word “combined” should be replaced with “ compressed.”

On page 223,

In Problem 1, the first answer choice should be: “A. 0.20 .”

On page 234,

In Problem 12, the mass of a hydrogen atom should be 1.66 x 10–24 g.

On page 281,

Problem 20 should refer to Problem 19 rather than Problem 16.

On page 290,

Problem 11 should read "The 5-N and 20-N spring scales."

On page 303,

There should be a listing for "15.4 The Net Force"

On page 328,

The five labels on the upper portion of the vertical axis of Figure B (Problem 2) are incorrect. The entire vertical axis should be labeled from 0.00 to 3.00 in increments of 0.20.

On page 341,

In the second equation on the page, the word “contact” should be constant.

On page 343,

In the statement of Problem 23a, the speed that is stated is “60 miles per hour.” It should be 50 miles per hour.

Introductory Physical Science - 8th Edition, 2nd Printing

On page 99: (Chapter 5)

The caption to Figure 5.7a should read “At 70°C…

On page 99: (Chapter 5)

The caption to Figure 5.7b should read “Filtered at 70°C…

On page 175: (Chapter 9)

In problem #1, choice “A” should read “0.20” rather than “0.2” in order to display the correct number of significant figures.

On page 205: (Appendix)

In the third power-of-ten example, the answer is obviously wrong. The number 1 is 10 to the zero power (100), not 10 to the negative fifth power (10–5)!

Introductory Physical Science - 7th Edition, 2nd Printing

On page 68: (Chapter 4)

The third line of the second paragraph should read “add a large mass of solid to a solvent” rather than “solute.”

On page 71: (Chapter 4)

In Figure 4.3, the label for the vertical axis should read “cm3” rather than “cm3.”

On page 176: (Chapter 9)

The denominator of the second fraction in the fourth line from the bottom of the page should read “10,000” rather than “1000.”

On page 199: (Chapter 9)

The figure references in Problem 6 should be to “Figure 10.5(a)” rather than “10.6(a).”

On page 229: (Chapter 12)

The second bulleted question should read “What charge, in ampere-seconds, was needed…”

On page 240: (Chapter 12)

In Problem 11, the reference should be to “Section 12.6” rather than “Section 12.5.”

On page 250: (Answers to Questions)

The answer to Problem 9b in Chapter 2 should be “–0.054 g” rather than “0.054 g.”


Introductory Physical Science - 9th Edition, Teacher's Guide and Resource Book, 1st printing

On page 8: (Chapter 1)

The heading for Section 1.5 should be "Limitations of Volume as a Measure of Matter."

On page 33: (Chapter 2)

The heading for Section 2.3 should be "Using a Computer to Draw Histograms."

On page 115: (Chapter 5)

The heading for Experiment 5.1 should be "Fractional Distillation."

On page 281: (Chapter 12)

The heading for the first column of the table at the top of the page should read "Masses of cool water and metal washer."

On page 281: (Chapter 12)

In the last bullet before Section 12.5, the word "methanol" should be replaced by "the metal."

On page 302: (Chapter 13)

In the first paragraph of Section 13.2, the figure references are incorrect. All 13.3s should be 13.4, and all 13.4s should be 13.5.

On page 308: (Chapter 13)

The heading for Section 13.6 should be "The Law of Conservation of Energy."

On page 339: (Chapter 15)

In the first sentence of the second paragraph in the General Comments, there is a typo. It should read "...can be represented by signed numbers...."

On page 347: (Chapter 15)

The answers to #2 under Figure A should be: a. The force is 13 N toward the bottom of the page; b. The force is 16 N toward the left side of the page; c. The force is 13 N directed to toward the top-right corner of the page.

On page 351: (Chapter 15)

The angle of the suitcase in Figure D in Question 14 is incorrect. It is labeled as 40°, but is actually 50° in the figure. There are two ways that this error can be handled. One is to point out the error to students, but have them solve the problem by redrawing a 40° angle. The other is to have students re-label the figure to 50° and solve. In the first case, the answers remain as stated on page 352. In the second case, the answers would be interchanged—that is, the vertical component would be 4 N and the horizontal component would be 3 N.

On page 363: (Chapter 16)

The last sentence of the second paragraph on the page should read “To avoid possible damage to the hooked masses and wasted time between runs, the cart should be stopped before the hanging masses reach the floor.”

On page 370: (Chapter 16)

The title to Experiment 16.6 should read “Testing a Prediction: The Relation Between Mass and Change in Velocity.”

On page 371: (Chapter 16)

Figure V is incorrect. (It is identical to Figure IV three pages earlier.) The correct figure is:

IPS 9th Edition

On page 382: (Chapter 16)

The answer to Question 24b (at the top of the page) contains an exponent that is incorrectly formatted. The end of that answer should read “...so the hammer exerts a downward force of 5 x 103 N on the nail.”

Introductory Physical Science - 9th Edition, Assessment Package, pre-July 2015

On the test for Chapter 16:

The final velocity in Question 9 is stated as 1.4 m/s. It should be 1.2 m/s. The answers for the various forms should be changed accordingly.

Force, Motion, and Energy, Assessment Package

On page 2 Test 2, #4

The last sentence of the comment should read "Therefore, the buoyant force is equal to the difference between the depths at the bottom and top of the cylinder times..."

On page 28: (Chapter Test 3, Part 1)

In the figure for Question #3, Arrows 3 and 4 should be be labeled 5 and 6, respectively. The arrows currently labeled 5 and 6 should be labeled 3 and 4, respectively.

Page 37, Test 5, #4

The speed of the reflected wave for Trial 4 should be 8.7 m/s.

Page 40, Test 6, #2

Since the specific heat of water is given in the textbook as 4.18 J/g°C, Answer E should be changed to 1,460 J.


Please advise us of any errors you discover.


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