State Standards Correlations With IPS and FM&E

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Users of our materials know that IPS and FM&E go beyond the standards for 8th- or 9th-grade physical science both in depth and thoroughness of the materials studied, particularly in the spirit of inquiry advocated by the standards.

Potential users, who are not familiar with our materials, have asked for correlations of our materials with their states' standards or frameworks.

The clickable map above provides correlations for many states,
as well as the National Science Education Standards. 
Many states just use the NSES standards.

Even a cursory perusal of these documents shows that there is a broad overlap between the various physical science standards and our materials. This is seen by the marks indicating in which chapters any given standard is taught. However, this is only part of the story.

Some standards are marked for every chapter in both textbooks. These are standards related to the nature of science, inquiry, interpretation of data, use of mathematics, etc. By marking such standards in every chapter, we are emphasizing the uniqueness of our materials.

Unlike other textbooks, which talk about such subjects in one or two chapters and then proceed to present the bulk of the contents in a most dogmatic manner, scientific inquiry permeates our courses. The content and methodology of science are clearly represented in the questions and problems in our textbooks, as well as in the accompanying assessment packages.



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