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Diagnostic Analysis software analyzes student responses to multiple-choice questions for Introductory Physical Science (IPS) and Force, Motion, and Energy (FM&E) Chapter Tests, as well as teacher-written multiple-choice tests. A variety of reports produced by the software allow the teacher to help students overcome difficulties by diagnosing the roots of their errors:


Schools that currently use either the IPS Assessment Package or the FM&E Assessment Package will receive a CD of Test Analysis Files, free of charge, with purchase of the Diagnostic Analysis software. User-friendly documentation and guidelines for writing sound, informative, multiple-choice questions are also included. The software can then be applied to the analysis of responses to good, teacher-written, multiple-choice questions.

Let Diagnostic Analysis provide guidance for future instruction—without the need for specialized forms and expensive equipment!

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SCI Summer Workshops

This summer SCI will offer three one-week workshops.  Each workshop earns 2.0 semester hours of graduate credit from Colorado School of Mines and will take place on the CSM campus in Golden, Colorado.  Detailed descriptions of each workshop are available.

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IPS 9th Edition

The new 9th Edition of Introductory Physical Science (IPS) continues the IPS tradition of guiding students to knowledge of physical science and the way scientific knowledge is acquired.

Inspect the table of contents and more details on our new edition of IPS.