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In order to ensure schools can maintain adequate copies for the life of a textbook, SCI keeps older editions of their textbooks in print as long as demand warrants.  Please call SCI for availability of IPS-7.


Introductory Physical Science, 8th Edition (IPS-8)

IPS 8th editionIntroductory Physical Science, developed under a grant from the National Science Foundation, has been the leader in inquiry-based instructional material for decades. In the 9th edition of IPS, Uri Haber-Schaim, Peter Gendel, Graden Kirksey, and Harold Pratt have crafted something that is radically different from what every major textbook publisher has done and that no one has been able to duplicate.

Changes in the Eighth Edition include a new formative assessment feature and an innovative approach to the periodic table. More than ever, IPS is able to meet the needs of schools and teachers who expect quality instructional programs and greater achievement from their students.

John L. Hubisz's review of IPS 8 and Force Motion and Energy on the Middle School Physical Science Resource Center website notes that "Of all the books that we looked at, these were the most consistently accurate."  He also says that "These texts present the material in a very casual style. They are conversational, which should help engage many readers. They are succinct; there is no extraneous information included."   (Click the above link to see the full review).

IPS-8 Storyline & Contents


Introductory Physical Science, 7th Edition (IPS-7)

IPS 7th edIn the 7th edition of IPS, by Uri Haber-Schaim, Reed Cutting, Graden Kirksey, and Harold Pratt. “[The authors] show the student how science is done and teach the student to think like a scientist. The authors take the student through a series of experiments and analyses that amount to an abridged account of the development of chemistry and physics.” (The Textbook Letter, Vol. 10, No. 4).

Lawrence Lerner, a critical reviewer of K-12 textbooks for The Textbook League (Vol. 10, No. 4), said this about the 7th Edition of IPS —- “This is an outstanding book, written by authors who know what science is about, know their subject matter, and know how to teach it to 8th and 9th graders.”

IPS-7 Storyline & Contents


Correlations are available showing how IPS addresses the set of fundamental outcomes called for in the National Science Education Standards and most state standards.


Other Resources (check with SCI for availability)

IPS Teacher's Guide and Resources —- end-of-chapter and laboratory tests. 

IPS Assessment Guide —- Student assessment.

SCI's Diagnostic Analysis software —- Helps analyze chapter test results



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IPS 9th Edition

The new 9th Edition of Introductory Physical Science (IPS) continues the IPS tradition of guiding students to knowledge of physical science and the way scientific knowledge is acquired.

Inspect the table of contents and more details on our new edition of IPS.