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Customized KaleidaGraph Companion Files for IPS and FM&E Experiments

KaleidaGraph DataScience Curriculum Inc. is happy to announce that Synergy Software has incorporated the method used to construct histograms in both IPS and FM&E into the latest version of KaleidaGraph. Synergy has authorized SCI to offer the full-featured KaleidaGraph commercial package at a special school price.


Purchase Options

For each of the purchase options listed below, SCI will provide users of IPS or FM&E with a free Companion Files CD that contains templates for the analysis of IPS and FM&E experiments.


KaleidaGraph Classroom Version - Special SCI Price: $109 (a saving of more than 45% off the single-user retail price!)

This is a full-featured version of KaleidaGraph with a class license for use on up to 35 classroom machines under the control of a single IPS/FM&E teacher. Both Macintosh and Windows versions are available on CD, so please specify the desired version when ordering.

SCI Item Number SCI-032-1111 (Please specify Mac or Windows version when ordering.)

KaleidaGraph Building Version - Special SCI Price: $315

This full-featured version of KaleidaGraph comes with an unlimited-use license on any school-owned computer within the school building. It includes a network and single-user version on CD for either Macintosh or Windows. (Please specify the version you need when ordering.) This option is great for schools implementing the use of technology curriculum-wide since it allows KaleidaGraph to be used by other faculty members in your school (biology, chemistry, physics, psychology, et al.), as well as for administrative use such as data analysis.

For a school with at least three teachers using IPS and/or FM&E, the KaleidaGraph Building option provides an economical way to open up the use of KaleidaGraph over networks throughout the school.

SCI Item Number SCI-032-9999 (Please specify Mac or Windows version when ordering.)

KaleidaGraph Student 5-Pack - Special SCI Price: $110 for either 5 Windows or 5 Macintosh CDs

This version is perfect for teachers using KaleidaGraph in their classrooms. Teachers can now assign work or have students do special projects on their home computers.

Owners of KaleidaGraph Classroom and/or KaleidaGraph Building are eligible to buy these additional CD-ROM 5-packs for students to use on their own computers (at home or on a laptop at school). The 5-packs may be purchased by the school and then individual CDs can be resold to students (suggested price, $22 each.) This is a full working copy of KaleidaGraph, identical to the KaleidaGraph Classroom edition. This Student edition will run for 6 years. If an upgrade is purchased before the end of the 6 years, KaleidaGraph will continue running for an unlimited number of years.

SCI Item Number SCI-032-5555 (Please specify Mac or Windows version when ordering.)

Price and Ordering Information

Order a free demo Version of KaleidaGraph direct from Synergy Software.




SCI Summer Workshops

This summer SCI will offer three one-week workshops.  Each workshop earns 2.0 semester hours of graduate credit from Colorado School of Mines and will take place on the CSM campus in Golden, Colorado.  Detailed descriptions of each workshop are available.

Available: Now

IPS 9th Edition

The new 9th Edition of Introductory Physical Science (IPS) continues the IPS tradition of guiding students to knowledge of physical science and the way scientific knowledge is acquired.

Inspect the table of contents and more details on our new edition of IPS.